Model RailRoad Manager (tm), MRRM (tm), software provides model railroad Inventory, Maintenance and Waybill-based Traffic Generation. Advanced version includes Dispatcher, Fascia, Cab Panels Editor and Operations, Layout Locomotive, Turnout, Signal, Block Occupancy, and other sensor Control. Advanced edition also provides HyperThrottle Cabs that integrate rail traffic workload and layout control, Multi-layout Operations for virtual car forwarding between layouts, Remote Operations to drive trains from a distance, Web Cams, Internet features, and extended DCC support.

Industry Activity

For freight operations on your railroad, you can either manually create waybills for the car movements and build a locked train to run time and time again. Or, you can semi-automatically create shipments between buyers and sellers together with the semi-automatic generation of waybills, manifests, schedules, and switchlists and then run the train once. The Industry Activity window supports the semi-automatic generation freight operations mode.

The Industry Activity window is used to specify the commodity workload to be imposed on your railroad and other railroads that interchange with your railroad. The components of Industry activity are: Lading (Commodities) supported by your railroad, shipping and receiving activity by industries that use your railroad, shipper production and consignee consumption specifications, pairing buyers and sellers and balancing these, time interval based buyer order generation, seller shipment generation, railroad back office shipment routing and car assignment, and car ordering from foreign yards, if required.