Model RailRoad Manager (tm), MRRM (tm), software provides model railroad Inventory, Maintenance and Waybill-based Traffic Generation. Advanced version includes Dispatcher, Fascia, Cab Panels Editor and Operations, Layout Locomotive, Turnout, Signal, Block Occupancy, and other sensor Control. Advanced edition also provides HyperThrottle Cabs that integrate rail traffic workload and layout control, Multi-layout Operations for virtual car forwarding between layouts, Remote Operations to drive trains from a distance, Web Cams, Internet features, and extended DCC support.

Automated Train Scripts


This is a set of tools to create automated trains for running in 'museum mode' or for adding traffic during your 'operating sessions'.

There are five simple steps to creating a relatively complex script to run trains that obey turnout positions and signal aspects enroute to a destination.

You must define your tracks, turnouts, track joiners, BODs, and signals first!