Maglev train and track set


Made by Takara-Tomy, the train set is modeled after Central Japan Railway’s L0 train, which currently holds the title for the fastest-recorded maglev speed at 375 mph. No, the toy version isn’t going to run at speeds approaching anywhere near that, but it will travel at around 4.3 mph, which is equivalent to around 310 mph at this scale, effectively outrunning all the other model trains in your collection.

The Takara Tomy Linear Liner Maglev part of the Pla-Rail system. "This amazing train set levitates and runs with magnetic force, just like the real train of the same name, and is the first toy train of its kind! Eliminating the friction of wheels on rails means it can reach a breakthrough scale speed of up to 500 kilometers per hour!"

Spoken and written instructions included are in Japanese!. However, the diagrams seem to show simple straightforward steps and should make it easy for average modeler to assemble this train set.

$500 or best offer

New in box; opened but never set up in a layout nor ever run! Just opened to review assembly directions and assure no broken parts.




Videos of Maglev model train and track - very high speed runner!

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