Real-Time Layout Status Display

JMRI provides a powerful Layout tool to complement its Panel Tool. We built a display using this tool and hung a large monitor in our train room for all to ascertain overall real time status of the layout. The current screen build is shown below.

Notes: Red signals are highlighted by using a trailing cross symbol.

The yellow lines nearby turnouts show permitted traffic flows in the vicinity controlled by related signals. If there is no arrowhead, traffic in the vicinity may flow in either direction - Absolute Permissive Block (APB). If there is an arrowhead, traffic is only permitted to flow in the indicated direction. These flows are controlled by the Dispatcher. If East and West arrowheads are displayed, Centralized Traffic Control (CTC) is currently disallowing traffic flow in this block. The settings influence the color aspect of signals in the vicinity. So if traffic flows must be Eastbound, then Westbound signals will be Red!

 The '<blank>' fields are for transponder status reporting, for example '3424 exit'.

 The layout has a large elevated Wye connecting Scranton, Williamsport and Philadelphia. The Wye tail is long enough to turn a long train. The tail of the wye also supports the bulk coal export port.