Electroluminescent Billboards

We have installed 10 Miller Engineering Electroluminescent Billboards on the layout:

  1.  'City Light and Power' is located near the electric power generation facility in western Pennsylvania
  2. 'Artic Refrigeration' is located between Hazleton and Frackville
  3. 'Cocoa Joe's Cafe' is located near Tunkhannock
  4. 'Deli' is located near the ABC Warehouse in Philadelphia
  5. 'IC Sparks' is located near the Bethlehem Steel Distributer facility
  6. 'State Line Theatre' is located near the North Philadelphia station
  7. 'American Flag'  is located atop the 'tall dark hi-rise' building.
  8. 'Noise R Us' is located near the burned out building at end of the Philadelphia Wye
  9. 'Midnight Cafe' is located nearFort Indiantown Gap
  10. 'Sherwin Williams Paints' is located near Big Mine Run


Power Distribution to 10 animated billboards

Ten Miller Engineering, animated, lighted billboards connect to this power distribution panel.

Titles of ten Miller Engineering Billboards