Command Control

Digitrax DCS100 provides command control for the railroad.

PM42 distributes 5 amps to 4 power districts; each district may draw up to 3 amps. Actuality is much less draw due to high efficiency N scale locomotive engines and few, occasional lighted passenger cars.

PM4 configured as four 3amp max power districts; left, center, right, and elevated wye.

Two BDL16 and two Se8C boards support 48 BOD sensors, 16 tortoises, 16 fascia switches, 16 transponders. 64 signal heads.

Three of our seven electronic panels host Se8C's, BDL168's and other circuits used

Electroluminescent billboard power distribution, two Se8C boards, and another BDL168

Telephone Wire Connector used to support Se8C Turnout, BOD sensor, and Fascia Switch controls.

Se8C ID #5 is driving 8 Turnout Tortoises (left top), 8 occupancy sensors (left, center) and 32 signal heads (right, multi-color cables).