Model RailRoad Manager (tm), MRRM (tm), software provides model railroad Inventory, Maintenance and Waybill-based Traffic Generation. Advanced version includes Dispatcher, Fascia, Cab Panels Editor and Operations, Layout Locomotive, Turnout, Signal, Block Occupancy, and other sensor Control. Advanced edition also provides HyperThrottle Cabs that integrate rail traffic workload and layout control, Multi-layout Operations for virtual car forwarding between layouts, Remote Operations to drive trains from a distance, Web Cams, Internet features, and extended DCC support.

Citytown Management

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A Citytown is a city or town that demarks an area on or off your layout. A Citytown is always located within one and only one Division.

Screen Images:

Data Description:

Citytown ID - a unique name up to 20 characters (required)

Citytown Code - a prefix of up to 6 characters to facilitate your naming conventions (optional)

Division ID - the primary Division serving this Citytown (required)

Home Yard Stop - the identifying Stop for the single yard that serves the Industries in this Citytown.

Function Descriptions:

The "Create Citytown Signage" button creates labels for your Citytown billboards or placards

You can also create a web page about each Citytown for your own site.

How to Use:

Railroad traffic schedules involve stops in Citytowns. The more towns the merrier. Be sure to include the towns where foreign yards or interchanges are located to support MLO. There are tools in the MLO tabpages to facilitate this data installation.

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