Model RailRoad Manager (tm), MRRM (tm), software provides model railroad Inventory, Maintenance and Waybill-based Traffic Generation. Advanced version includes Dispatcher, Fascia, Cab Panels Editor and Operations, Layout Locomotive, Turnout, Signal, Block Occupancy, and other sensor Control. Advanced edition also provides HyperThrottle Cabs that integrate rail traffic workload and layout control, Multi-layout Operations for virtual car forwarding between layouts, Remote Operations to drive trains from a distance, Web Cams, Internet features, and extended DCC support.

Shipment Forwarding Status

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Your Railroad Back Office can keep track of every shipment contract with your railroad. The cargo location for each shipment can be quickly ascertained.

Screen Images:

Data Description:

All data elements have been previously defined

Function Descriptions:

Rolling Stock on Shipment Legs - report shows rolling stock assignments to shipments and the route legs of the shipments

Waybills for Shipment legs - report show status of the waybills

You can edit the status, if desired

How to Use:

Normally this screen is not used. If there is a lost car, or if a shipment is not completing, this tabpage can provide information to solve the issue.

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